Step by Step Guide to Taking Advantage of Bank Account Promotions [2017]

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As promised, our step by step guide to bank account promotions is below. Following these steps will help you obtain these bonuses quickly.


  1. Perform an online search of the best checking and/or savings account incentives for the current month and year.
    • You’ll find that there are many offers available, but not all are created equal.
    • Some offers will only require 1 or 2 items and will post to your account relatively quickly. Others require several more steps and have more red tape.
    • Make sure to read the fine print before you spend your time pursuing that bonus.
  2. Apply for your favorite offer.
    • The link to the offer will generally specify whether you can complete all steps online.
    • Some offers require you to e-mail yourself a flyer/code that you will need to take into a branch. If this is the case, make sure to do a quick local search for a brick and mortar branch near you.
  3. Create a document that outlines all steps required to earn your bonus.
    • We’ve had cases where we completed 2 steps, but forgot the third, and weren’t able to collect the bonus. Don’t let that happen to you.
    • In case you forget to document all the steps, you should be able to refer back to the original post so that you know what’s required.
  4. Track your bonuses.
    • Create a spreadsheet that shows the amount and date the bonus will post to your account.
    • This will keep you motivated to continue reaping the benefits of checking and savings account promos.
  5. Track your accounts using Personal Capital.
    • This is a VERY important step. The last thing you want is to complete steps, earn your bonus, then forget that the account existed. (Although that would be a good problem to have, right?)
    • Personal Capital is our favorite tool to use for tracking spending, performing net worth calculations, and of course tracking our bonus accounts. Setup is easy and the tool is user-friendly.
  6. Set a goal and write out your reasons.
    1. Is there a certain amount of bonuses you would like to collect?
    2. What will you use the money for? Maybe savings for a vacation, a couple more date nights with your significant other, or just adding to your emergency fund? Having a plan for the money helps.


We encourage you to print this guide and follow the steps. If you have any questions on any of the steps or on a specific offer, feel free to contact us. Happy Hunting!