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First and foremost, we’ll provide thoughts on how to earn, save, and keep more of your hard-earned cash.


Next, we’ll show you how to optimize tax-advantaged accounts. These include the 401(k), 403(b), IRA, HSA, and 529.


Finally, we’ll provide you step-by-step guides to utilize our money strategies. Info is great. Knowing how to quickly benefit is gold.

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Why the HSA is the Hidden Gem of Retirement Investing

Triple. Tax. Benefits. Nuff said? According to a 2016 survey by AHIP, over 20 million Americans are currently enrolled in HSA plans. Sounds like a lot, right? We thought so, too, until we thought about that in percentage terms. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, there are greater than 205 million working-age […]

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Reduce Fees in your 401(k) in 3 Easy Steps

These hidden costs may be stealing from your future self’s pocket. The title of this article may be confusing. We’ve always heard that in order to secure a safe financial future, we need to save, save, save. And the ideal investment vehicle to do that: the 401(k). So what gives? Here’s the question: is saving […]

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So What's the Easiest Way to Make some extra cash?

We’ve all heard about the work from home “opportunities” out there promising to make you rich while you hang out in your sweats.

Sadly, most of these are scams and should be avoided.

However, there is one tried and true method we’ve used over the years to collect thousands with near zero work, and we’d like to share it with you.

So, what is it?

Before we go into the details, we want you to know why the opportunity exists:

Banking has become one of the most ultra-competitive industries.

Every bank is desperate to gain customers, whether it be with mail, e-mail, social media, or our personal favorite: cold, hard cash.

But why would a bank pay me to use its services? Aren’t they in the business of making money?

It’s simple:

Banks understand that we’ve wizened up to their usual tricks. They know that in order to bring business in, they’ll need to provide a little bribe.

We know what you’re thinking: Okay, so they’ll pay me a few pennies. Why is this worth my time?

Here’s the thing:

It’s not just chump change. For example, we collected nearly $500 from one bank just for switching direct deposits and making $10 in purchases.

It literally took 15 minutes.

So what’s the catch?

We wouldn’t say there’s a ‘catch’, but there are a few items you should be aware of:

  1. First of all, some accounts may require a credit check. Typically, this would be a soft pull, but in some cases banks do require a hard inquiry.
  2. Second, when you take advantage of these incentives, the bonus generally will count as interest.
  3. Third, generally, you have to keep your account open and in good standing for a specified period. Most commonly, this time period is 90 days.
That’s about it.

Okay. Now I know what this is. How do I start?

It’s easy:

We have created a free step-by-step guide to taking advantage of the bonuses. Fill out the information below and we'll send it over to you!


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